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    GOP 2012: Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann battles hostile media

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    16 流覽量 Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann is a favorite of the GOP's Tea Party wing. She is popular for her tax platform. Bachmann often invokes nostalgia for the GOP's better times. And that makes her popular with some in the Republican establishment. But it hasn't been easy going for Bachmann. She placed fifth in a New Hampshire straw poll. And she flubbed her response to the State of the Union. Bachmann has signed an anti-gay marriage pledge. And she has refused to answer questions about her effeminate husband and the 'ex-gay' therapy he offers to homosexuals. The media haven't treated Bachmann kindly. Chris Wallace asked if she was a flake. Others have tried to make her look crazy. But will this Tea Party firebrand have the last laugh? Bachmann is looking increasingly desperate, making promises she can't keep such as $2 per gallon gas. The spotlight is now on Rick Perry and Bachmann is struggling to get noticed. The most Bachmann can hope for now is a No 2 spot on the GOP ticket.