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    Alec Baldwin leaving 30 Rock for NYC mayoral bid?

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    11 流覽量 Details are slowly leaking out today about Tracy Morgan's homophobic rant during a comedy show, but he's not the only '30 Rock' star in the news. Alec Baldwin is considering a run for New York City Mayor in 2013. People think he actually has a descent shot at winning...that is, just as long as he keeps his crazy co-worker away from his campaign. Here's the lowdown on Mr. Donaghy's potential bid: Alec Baldwin has revealed he is considering a run for New York City Mayor now that Anthony Weiner's chances have been dashed. Baldwin will be free to run in the 2013 race. He plans to quit 30 Rock next year, leaving the show's future uncertain. Baldwin thinks he'd fare better than other celebrity politicians, once remarking he's "Tocqueville compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger." A Hollywood liberal, Baldwin would have no problem finding a base in New York. He even contributes to The Huffington Post! But is Baldwin tough enough to challenge Mayor Bloomberg? If the voice-mail messages he leaves his daughter are any indication, he definitely is.