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    American Idol! Pia Toscano voted out as fans cry foul

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    162 流覽量 American Idol fans are up in arms after fan favorite Pia Toscano was voted off the show. Reports say people are petitioning the show to bring Pia back and boot off Stefano, who was chosen to stay. Idol's voting system is under suspicion. Some people reported having trouble voting for Pia online. Glitches aside, Idol might be biased against women, as its teen girl fans often favor male contestants. The new judges are facing criticism too. They burned their one "save" on Casey Abrams. Things will be okay for Pia, though, considering she's already landed a record deal. Besides, where are some of the Idol "winners" now? 美國選秀節目「美國偶像」最近引發粉絲公憤因為節目人氣王珮亞托斯卡諾被票選出局。有報導指出,粉絲要連署讓珮亞敗部復活,再把本來勝出的史帝芬諾淘汰出局。節目的投票系統公正性也受到懷疑,粉絲投訴他們沒辦法在網站上把票投給珮亞。不過撇除電腦出的小差錯不說,節目大致來講也是不利女性參賽者的, 因為廣大的青少女粉絲比較偏坦男參賽者。節目新的評審也飽受批評,他們把敗部復活的唯一quota浪費在凱西身上。不過粉絲大可不必擔心珮亞的前景,因為她已經拿到發片的合約。相較之下,節目的前冠軍們現在又在哪裡呢?