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    Jose Canseco boxing scandal: did he swap with twin brother?

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    109 流覽量 Baseball great Jose Canseco allegedly sent his twin brother and former teammate Ozzie in his place to compete in a celebrity boxing event in Florida. The promoter got suspicious when Ozzie's tattoos didn't match up to the tattoos on Jose's body in promo photos for the fight. Rumor has it Ozzie often posed as his all-star brother at baseball card shows. When else has he pulled "the old switcheroo?" Jose is no stranger to controversy. In 2005 he admitted to taking steroids. He later outed fellow user Alex Rodriguez. Jose claims he had a tryst with Madonna. He accused A-Rod of following in his footsteps when the Yankee was seen with her years later. But Jose needs to put controversy past and present aside if he wants to win Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe his twin can be put to good use there?