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    On Jeopardy, Watson demolishes competition. Humanity next?

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    32 流覽量 An IBM supercomputer named Watson is giving two Jeopardy champions a run for their money in a three-day tournament on the popular US quiz show. This isn't the first time man has met machine in a match of wits. IBM was also behind a computer named Deep Blue, which defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997. But Watson can recognize human speech patterns and hold 15 trillion bytes of information, making it a much graver threat to human competitors than its predecessor. If Watson should be victorious on Jeopardy, it wouldn't be a surprise if highly-intelligent machines started popping up on other shows around the dial in the near future. However, many fear a more ominous future in which computers reign supreme. Will the human brain one day be obsolete?