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    New Yahoo! CEO is president of Paypal

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    33 流覽量 So Yahoo! has a new CEO! It's Scott Thompson, the president of Paypal. Last fall we did two stories about Yahoo: "Remember when Yahoo! was relevant?" and "Who will buy Yahoo?" But Yahoo refuses to be sold. Over the last ten years, many CEOs have tried to save Yahoo, but haven't quite been successful. Microsoft has been offering to buy Yahoo over the years, and is still interested. It would give them a big boost, as they have been falling behind Google and Facebook as well. One of Yahoo's partners, Chinese investment company Alibaba, owns Yahoo! China and would like to buy back its stock and buy Yahoo US. Thompson calls Yahoo! one of the great iconic brands of the internet. His initial plans are to get to know his team. After that, he hopes to improve Yahoo's content and customer service, and improve customer "engagement." He also wants to improve Yahoo's mobile services. Meanwhile, Paypal has been growing steadily and keeping eBay afloat as one of its largest revenue makers. Some people think this could be a promising opportunity for Yahoo!