Retired Professor Opens Community Library in Lanzhou City

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One man's dying wish was to give back to his community... and that dream has come true. In Lanzhou City, there's now a free library where people young and old can sharpen their minds and broaden their horizons. Let's take a look.

A retired university professor recently opened a free private library in Lanzhou City in northwest China's Gansu Province. Liu Yi says it was his late father, a successful agricultural scientist, who came up with the idea.

[Liu Yi, Green Cloud Library]:
"My dad came up with the idea and had been planning to set it up before his death. He gave the name 'Green Cloud' to the idea, and I've used it to name the library after it."

Liu also says he started the library with his father's vast collection of 10,000 books and periodicals. The project began in 2005, shortly before Liu's father passed away, and finally finished in 2008.

Donations from various places and organizations have since increased the library's collection from 10,000 to 30,000. Local residents also like to volunteer their time to help out.

[Zhang Hongyu, Volunteer, Green Cloud library]:
"I thought I could help in some way when I first came, but decided to stay and contribute more when I got to know Mr. Liu better over the course of past three years, and what he's done is really impressive."

Since opening, the library has benefitted the community and attracted book lovers of all ages. Visitors can come and go as they please, and do not even need a library card.