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We were making a Road trip around California and when we were visiting Venice beach I met this amazing kid who probably will be the next Shaun White!! So i decided to shoot him during 2 hours and i made this little clip, I wish the best for his career and his nice family. He is just 7 years old and have 2 years skating... check it out!!

His Kickstarter project!!
Follow Asher on twitter!!/asherbradshaw
Directed and edited by : eDsanca

Filmed by eDsanca and Maxim Arbugaev

Song : lets go surfing by the drums

Btw: that day was soooo windy

12 comentarios

He is sooooo cute!!! I wish I could see him at this X Games in LA!! 6/28 - 7/1 I'm sure we will in the future! =)
Por 12paws Hace 3 años
This is really super great! Few people manage to you again! ^ ^
Por Lena Dupont Hace 3 años
C le messi du surf ^_^
Por kardic Hace 3 años
N'essayer pas d'imiter une puce, vous y laisseriez votre peau !
Por Jean CARLIERI Hace 3 años
Belle vidéo, ça a l'air trop facile, mais combien se sont vautré lamentablement en essayant de faire la meme chose! P'tit marmaille a le skate dans le sang, continue comme ça, et toi mon p'tit gars tu seras un grand!
Por fgalache Hace 3 años
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