Obama birth certificate: will the birther debate ever end?

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http://www.nma.tv/ President Obama has released his long-form birth certificate to the public. The White House hopes it will silence "birthers" who think he is a foreigner. Leading birther Donald Trump claimed victory. Obama derided the movement as a group of "sideshows and carnival barkers." But the birthers aren't backing down. Many say the fact that it took Obama years to make his birth record public suggests it's a forgery. Strategists posit Obama purposefully withheld his birth certificate to make the birthers and his political opponents look crazy. But now that Obama has shown his cards, he has strengthened the hands of mainstream Republicans who are no longer forced to take a stand on the issue. 美國總統歐巴馬公佈出生證明讓持陰謀論的人知道他是個道地的美國人。陰謀論帶頭者川普自稱拿下勝利,歐巴馬說陰謀論者是一堆「馬戲團和雜耍表演的人員」。但這群人沒有退縮,懷疑歐巴馬拖這麼久才公佈證明是因為這根本是造假的。專家認為歐巴馬不先前秀出證明是要讓對手看起來像瘋子。但現在歐巴馬掀開了底牌,也無意中幫了主流共和黨 讓他們不必再為這件事而煩惱。