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    Super injunctions the 'scourge of journalists'?

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    9 流覽量 Britain's rich and famous have hit upon a new way to prevent damaging allegations being printed by the media - the super injunction.Citing the right to privacy, super injunctions prevent the reporting of a person's identity and even the existence of the injunction itself.Though most are granted to philandering celebs, in 2009 an oil-trading firm tried to use a super-injunction to hush up a toxic waste dumping scandal. But critics say courts have overstepped their remit. They say injunctions allow the rich and powerful to buy privacy and gag the press. Politician John Hemming is fighting back. Last week he used parliamentary privilege to expose a controversial banker's secret injunction. Hemming has also launched a probe into injunctions. Will he triumph in his fight against what he calls a "scourge of investigative journalism"?