Business majors not pulling their weight?

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  • 添加 Every year, more and more young Americans pay big bucks for a college education. For some, the degree could be a valuable leg-up in the workplace. Others study what they are passionate about. But for those who just want to get a degree and get a job, there's business. Over 20 percent of American undergraduates major in business. A recent survey showed that business majors spends less time preparing for class than other students. They study an average of just 11 hours out of class. Some worry that the bar for achievement is set far too low for graduating with a business degree. Ironically, business majors score lower on the GMAT exam than any other major. However, their starting salaries after graduation is still higher than liberal arts majors. 美國商學院學生太混? 歷年來越來越多美國年輕人花大錢上大學。有些人學理科,有些人選擇人文。可是不知道想學什麼的人常常選擇學商。每五個大學生就有一個主修商業。可是最近調查竟發現,學商的學生是全美國最混的,平均一個禮拜只讀十一個小時的書。導致專家擔心畢業的門檻實在太低啦!到底文憑有沒有意義?諷刺的是,商學學生比其他科目學生考GMAT考試考的還要爛!但畢業後的第一份工作,薪水卻比人文科的同學好。