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    UK software firm seeks naturists to work in nude office (裸體辦公室尋找裸女)

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    56 084 流覽量 Software firm Nude House is looking for female Web coders and sales executives. But potential applicants should be warned there's a dress code - birthday suits only. Boss Chris Taylor, 63, said females were required to try to strike a balance in the male-dominated office. He added that so far seven applications had been received, but it would take time to sort the real applicants from the jokers. 裸體辦公室是一間英國軟體公司,員工們都裸身工作,正在招募中。這間公司正在尋找崇尚自然主義的女員工,任職網站編碼人員及業務主管。老闆克里斯泰勒說,裸體辦公室希望能吸引更多女性來「平衡性別」。目前已有7位應徵者,泰勒說他們極力在 淘汰不適任者。雖然聽起來能在這上班實在很酷,但有意者可得小心裸體上班可能的後果喔!