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    Barefoot Contessa snubs Make-A-Wish kid

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    124 流覽量 Celebrity chef Ina Garten is better known as 'The Barefoot Contessa.' She has many fans who enjoy her personality as well as her recipes. Six-year-old Enzo is a young fan of Garten's. Enzo suffers from leukemia. When the Make-A-Wish foundation asked what he would like, Enzo said his wish is to meet the Barefoot Contessa. However, when the foundation approached Garten, they were told she did not have time to meet Enzo. Enzo said he'll wait for her, so the foundation asked again later. But again, Garten said 'no'.Someone leaked the story to gossip site TMZ. Soon it was all over the internet. Many were appalled by Garten's refusal to grant Enzo's wish. The bad publicity could affect not just Garten's ratings, but the sale of her books and line of food products as well. Hounded by the media firestorm, Garten quickly agreed to see Enzo after all. But he has decided to change his wish to swimming with dolphins instead.