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    Glenn Beck out of Fox News? (名嘴貝克會被福斯開除嗎?)

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    60 流覽量 Rumors are swirling that Fox News will not renew Glenn Beck's contract when it expires in December. Beck's ratings are down, but not enough to justify his ousting, like some in the media are forecasting. Beck's real problem lies with advertisers, who continue to flee due to his antics. Those that have remained suggest an old, out-of-touch audience. What would Beck do without a Fox show? Reports say he's been contemplating starting his own TV network, like Oprah. Beck has other things to fall back on, too. He's a best selling author...His radio show also remains popular, despite being dropped in NYC. So even if Beck gets fired from Fox, we'll still be stuck with him for quite some time...unfortunately. 傳言福斯電視台將不會跟名嘴貝克在十二月約滿時續約。 貝克節目收視率一直下降,但這並不足以把他開除。如一般媒體所預期的一樣,貝克真正的問題在於廣告商不想與這小丑合作,而仍有交涉的都是些LKK的觀眾群。名嘴貝克若沒了福斯他能做啥哩?有人說他在構思自己的節目,像歐普拉一樣。除此,貝克仍有許多點子。他現在是暢銷作家,電台節目也長紅,但已不在紐約播送。不管貝克下場如何,我們拍胸脯保證的是只要媒體有左右派聲音就一定會有好戲可看。