Suge Knight killed Tupac? Asking him brings out the brawler

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915 流覽量 Details have emerged on a brawl in Las Vegas involving Suge Knight. The controversial hip hop mogul lost his cool when a casino patron asked him if he murdered rapper Tupac Shakur. Suge Knight has had his share of public melees in the past, but this is the first instance in which someone brought up Tupac's unsolved 1996 slaying. Though he was never charged, rumors have abounded for years that Knight orchestrated the hit. The alleged conspiracy gets more and more convoluted as time goes on. Suge's reputation does little to help his cause. An ex-con, he is also the former CEO of Death Row Records, and a pioneer of the gangsta rap music genre. As for Suge's casino harasser, he wants a rematch. He told TMZ he'll fight Suge again anytime, any place--even at the Staples Center.