NMA's All-Star Year-End Dance-Off!!!

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http://www.nma.tv/ The year is drawing to a close. As we look back, we are thankful for 2010's many comedy gifts. Sarah Palin is pure comedy gold and will continue giving into 2011. Arch nemesis Barrack Obama also had his fair share of ha-ha's. What do Charlie Sheen and Al Gore have in common? Get these guys into a hotel room and who knows what might happen. The world can't help but pay attention to Lindsay Lohan and Snooki, although no one can figure out why. Problems with the iPhone revealed a chink in Steve Jobs' reality distortion field. Mark Zuckerberg got the star treatment. We saw a lot of Brett Favre this year and Wayne Rooney decided he liked prostitutes more than his wife. The TSA got all touchy-feely and the pressures of the job were too much for Steven Slater. The internet turned on WikiLeaks, while Rupert Murdoch did battle with his cross-town rival. Justin Bieber still won't go away. But who do you like better? Bieber or rapping Obama?