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    China to DPRK: Don't assassinate your brother

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    14 流覽量 As previously reported and animated, Kim Jong-un has been anointed as his father's successor in North Korea, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The Workers' Party held a lavish military parade on Oct. 10 in celebrated the party's 65th year anniversary. Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader, was seen with Kim Jong-un. South Korean media reported yesterday, however, that one of Kim Jong-un's loyal aides had planned to solve the "brother in exile" problem. As Kim Jong-il's eldest son, Kim Jong-nam was once rumored to be in consideration as his successor. He and Kim Jong-un are half brothers. But living abroad, the older brother has often made comments that annoyed the state. He is currently living in exile in Beijing and Macau. ;