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    Colorful Christine electrifies Delaware Electorate

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    12 流覽量 Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell surprised pundits by winning the Delaware primary. But now that she's the official GOP candidate for Senate, the spotlight is on some of her less mainstream beliefs, including that China is plotting to take over America. She is now lagging far behind Democrat Jeff Coons. The question is whether she would be able to work her magic once again, and surprise everyone in the November 2 general election. 勁爆候選人歐唐納電到德拉瓦 茶黨新生代候選人克莉絲汀納歐唐納上個月暴冷門,擊敗老牌政客佳索,成為共和黨的德拉瓦州參議院候選人。可是超右派的歐唐納之前非主流的言語變成她的選舉包袱。她曾說中國有陰謀要征服美國。目前歐唐納在民調上還是遠遠落後,不知道她有沒有辦法再變出一個逆轉勝。