Tea Party Express derails GOP candidates 茶黨搶盡共和黨風光

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http://www.nma.tv A Tea Party insurgency has left rancor and discord within the GOP's big tent. Led by Sarah Palin, Tea Party candidates have scored several primary upsets against establishment candidates. The latest victor is Christine O'Donnell. The anti-masturbation candidate has won the Republican senate nomination in Delaware, causing strategist Karl Rove to self-immolate on national television. The Democrats, believing the Tea Party cannot win in a general election, are predictably happy with Tea Party's primary success. But are the Democrat's underestimating the strength of this populist movement? http://www.nma.tv/2010/09/17/tea-party-express-derails-gop-candidates/ If you liked this, check out our earlier Sarah Palin clip here: http://www.youtube.com/user/NMAWorldEdition?feature=mhum#p/u/11/YYzU3wSfoq8 美國保守派茶黨最近搗亂共和黨的和諧。由莎拉裴林帶領,許多茶黨的候選人已在本期初選擊倒共和黨的資深人物。其中一位就是德拉瓦州的候選人奧唐納。有人說奧唐納就像裴林,又保守又具有一股純樸的魅力。在角逐共和黨參議員初選之前,奧唐納花大部分的精神推廣貞潔教育。她這次擊倒資深議員卡瑟爾,另戰略顧問羅夫相當驚訝,羅夫已多次攻擊奧唐納的品性,還說稱她是個瘋狂的人。民主黨在一旁看秀,他們覺得茶黨的人都太瘋狂了,但是,茶黨有沒有可能也讓民主黨大吃一驚?