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    England's 'most haunted' house up for auction 最猛鬼屋 1832萬喊拍

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    263 流覽量 Wymering manor, which some consider to be England's 'most haunted' house, will be going up for auction. In addition to the property, the house's 30 resident ghosts will be included in the sale... Read more at 英國南部樸茨茅斯市威默林莊園,17世紀曾是座修道院,卻也是英國鬧鬼鬧最兇的鬼屋之一,感應人士宣稱裡頭住了30個鬼魂,靈異現象包括走廊傳盪鬼修女詩歌聲,和會感覺到有無形的手摸觸。這座英國最猛鬼屋即將在本月21日進行拍賣,底價是37.5萬英鎊(約1832萬元台幣)