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    Randy Rooney scores own goal 足球明星魯尼被踢爆

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    148 流覽量 England and Man United star striker Wayne Rooney is in the headlines again. A prostitute known as 'Premiership Jen' claims Rooney slept with her seven times last year while his wife Coleen was pregnant. She said that Rooney had a threesome with her and a friend. She said the sex was "boring." It's not the first time Rooney has been caught out. In 2004, it was reported Rooney had visited grandmother Patricia Tierney for sex. The England management has given their star striker the go-ahead to play for his country, while the rest of the squad have rallied around him. But it's not all good news. This latest scandal could spell the end of his two-year marriage to childhood sweetheart Coleen. England fans, however, are more concerned that the story will lead Rooney to perform as badly as he did at the recent World Cup. More at 英格蘭足球明星魯尼又上頭條新聞了,一位外號叫「英超珍妮佛」的妓女指魯尼在妻子懷孕期間跟她嘿咻過七次,還跟她一起玩3P,但她說魯尼是一個無趣的性伴侶。這不是魯尼第一次嫖妓,2004年有報導說,魯尼找上年紀比他大幾十歲的妓女。英格蘭足球隊的管理層將繼續讓魯尼為國家隊效力,他的隊友也全力支持他。但也有壞消息,魯尼的太太,小時候的青梅竹馬可能會提出離婚,結束兩年的婚姻生活。不過,球迷比較擔心,這宗醜聞會不會讓魯尼在球場上分心,使他的表現跟在世界盃時一樣差。