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    What the police should have done in Manila bus crisis 巴士危機菲警處理不當?

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    89 流覽量 On August 23rd, a disgruntled ex-cop took a bus full of tourists from Hong Kong hostage in Manilla, the capital of the Philippines. Eventually negotiations broke down. After a botched attempted to storm the bus, Filipino commandos managed to shoot Mendoza dead. But by that time, nine tourists were dead or fatally wounded. More at The Filipino authorities have been roundly criticized for mishandling the situation, from arresting the hostage-taker's brother at the scene to not preparing ladder vehicles ahead of trying to board the bus. In this animation, we look at what could have been their three deadliest mistakes, and what should have been the correct course of action. 1. Snipers missed opportunities to pick off Mendoza -- Although there are photographs of the gunman letting down his guard and standing by the open bus door, police snipers did not seize the chance to shoot. 2. Police failed to control media -- Television reporters swarmed the scene and reported live on the latest developments. Mendoza was able to watch the coverage from inside the bus. 3. Botched entry lost time and angered gunman -- the Filipino commandos tried to break into the bus by hammering the glass with sledgehammers and axes. This alerted the gunman, and resulted in a vicious firefight between the commandos and Mendoza while there were still live hostages in the bus. 九名香港旅客在馬尼拉挾持後被害。兇手是門多沙,一名前菲律賓警察。很多人質疑菲律賓警察對於這個事件處理不當。