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    Australia goes to the polls 澳洲選舉難分勝負

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    45 流覽量 The Labor Party swept to victory in 2007, with Kevin Rudd coming into power as Prime Minister. For a while, Rudd was enormously popular, but his plans to institute a new tax on mining companies and his failure to implement the government's emission trading scheme caused his popularity to plummet. The Labor party rose up against their wounded leader. In the end, he was replaced by his deputy, Julia Gillard. In this weekend's election, Gillard's toughest rival is Tony Abbott, leader of the Liberal Party. Abbott promised to be tough on immigration if he becomes Prime Minister. Although polls show Abbott way ahead of Gillard, the Labor/Green party coalition still has more support when counted together. 'Crocodile Harry' has predicted a Labor victory. This is the closest election in Australia in 50 years. More at 2007年澳洲大選工黨大勝,陸克文成為新任總理。陸克文本來是當紅炸子雞,但是他打算開徵新的礦業稅及碳排交易計劃又凸槌,引發民怨,民意支持度直直落。陸克文腹背受敵,被自己人窩裡反,最後由副手吉拉德取代他,成為澳洲第一任女總理。這次大選吉拉德的勁敵,將是右派自由黨的黨魁艾伯特。雖然目前自由黨艾伯特的支持度比工黨的吉拉德高,工黨跟綠黨聯盟加起來的支持度小勝自由黨。鱷魚哥哈利日前預測工黨的吉拉德會勝出,這可是五十年來選情最緊繃的選一次。