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    Google's domination of the world and loss of mojo 谷歌征服世界

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    24 流覽量 Has google gone evil? Sergey Brin and Larry Page co-founded Google Inc., one of world's most successful and loved corporations. Or is it? One of its most criticized services, Google Street View, has been scanning pictures of streets and alleys across the globe. It admitted to accidentally collecting 600GB of fragmented personal data from Wi-Fi networks in 33 countries, raising worldwide concerns over personal privacy. The latest upheaval involved a partnership with Verizon, where the two proposed a two-tiered internet system. Critics call it "Schminternet." More at 布林和佩吉合作創辦了谷歌,成為世界上最成功最受歡迎的公司,事實真的是這樣嗎?谷歌飽受爭議的服務包括街景擷取,街景車在全球各地大街小巷趴趴走拍攝,再將爭議性的照片從資料庫刪除。谷歌街景服務今年大受挑戰,公司承認在33個國家的街道上拍照時,不小心紀錄了600G的個人資料,明顯違反個人隱私權。最新的爭議是谷歌跟韋里遜的合夥關係,擬出多層的網路系統,讓菁英走所謂的 Schiminternet,無疑違背了網路中立的原則。