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    The World's Most Crazy ARMY VET Transgendered narcissistic roommate: Richard Schave

    The World's Most Crazy Transgendered narcissistic roommate: Richard "Rick" Schave. This guy is a Army Veteran and wants to relist. Contact your congressman. America does not need this crazy disrepectful person in the Army. His name is Richard Schave born December 1, 1977. To my knowledge he is an Army Veteran and served approximately from 2000 to 2008. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, I am currently living with this person. On behalf of all Americans and based on 100's of people's factual comments and statements about Richard Schave's demeanor, sanity and respect for other Americans, we ask that he be not allowed to re-enlist. Richard Schave is not well suited at this point in his life to serve the American people in the U.S. Army.