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    Hong Kong Protesters Accuse Dolce and Gabbana of Discrimination


    by NTDTelevision

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    Tempers are flaring in Hong Kong over an alleged incident of discrimination by luxury brand Dolce and Gabbana (PRON gahbahna). Protestors forced the shutdown of one store, while heavy police presence tried to keep the crowds, numbering in the hundreds, in check.

    Hundreds of protesters lined the streets outside of a Dolce (PRON dole-chay) and Gabbana (PRON gahbahna) store in Hong Kong on Sunday. As crowds shout slogans, others carry signs, some saying "Protest D&G Discrimination Against Hong Kong People," and "D&Go Home!"

    They're demanding an apology for an alleged incident of discrimination against Hong Kong residents. A local man claims he was forbidden from taking photos of the storefront. He says he was told only mainland Chinese were allowed to do so.

    The story sparked an outcry.

    [Kenneth Cheung, Protester]:
    "I want to protest against D&G who discriminate against Hong Kong people. They only allow Mainland visitors to take photos here, but not Hong Kong people."

    [Bosang Chu, Protester]:
    "They're only allowing Mainland visitors to take photos here but not the Hong Kong people. They are taking advantage of the Hong Kong people. This is Canton Road in Hong Kong. If they only want Mainland customers, they should move their shop to Beijing."

    One protester waved renminbi notes, the currency of mainland China, shouting if he would now be accepted into the store.

    The incident underlies a growing resentment towards mainland China, as many see the influx of wealthy shoppers as a sign of Beijing's growing influence over the more independent Hong Kong.