ARCTIC MONKEYS "Black Treacle"

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Arctic Monkeys -- Black Treacle. Directed by Focus Creeps. From the album 'Suck It and See', 'Black Treacle' is released on Monday 23rd January 2012.

Filmed in Sheffield and Los Angeles and directed by Focus Creeps, who have the following to say:

“The ‘Black Treacle’ video is a compilation of the darker outtakes of ‘Suck It & See’. In the desert, the bright rays of the sun cast a long dark shadow. It's a prequel where laws get broke, and a sequel where hearts get broke. On the one hand, the song kind of says, now matter how low things go, you can always dream, and on the other hand it's a video that kind of shows: kids, don't try this at home.”

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Released the 23 ???
Par Dogman il y a 3 ans
Vive le Rock des Arctic Monkeys !!
Par Jérôme MIROT il y a 3 ans