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Rasean Blyden
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Lyrics: (Intro)
Know what to do
I gots work to do
Many ask me when I die who will carry on my name
Well my works will live on through the people it's just the way it's gonna be if it's all the same
My bloodline ends with me the first born technically my brother Angel was the first a still born
God give him the mercy, Lord have mercy on our souls
Lone warrior cannot be held back with the wife and family and the children around to stop me
So I do what I must do, do what I was born to do and spread the truth many evil they try to stop me
They can't stop me I'm God's warrior you can't stop me cause I'm God's warrior he has lifted me
And I'm just where I need to be the New World Order is an enemy with the power comes great responsibility
I have the knowledge and God's giving ability to move mountains yes you heard me