Ronaldo Jacare vs saulo ribeiro


par Mitch

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Ganhou mas amarrou muito!!!
Par fatilliIl y a 8 ans
reimund baron pitz
Jacare is not the better of the two. Saulo Ribeiro is an ELITE black belt under Royler Gracie. So please tell me how Jacare is better than Saulo.
Par reimund baron pitzIl y a 8 ans
Great match, although excruciatingly slow to start, but when they got going it was intense. Not Jacare's best performance, but then Saulo grappled very well. I think Jacare is the better of the two, but that was just Saulo's night.
Par mowglieboyIl y a 9 ans
mark walton
Thats Saulo Riberto, not Matt Lindland.
Par mark waltonIl y a 9 ans