Fondant Ideas for Wedding Desserts

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Fondant Ideas for Wedding Desserts - as part of the cakes & dessert series by GeoBeats.

When you go to a wedding you see fondant on all sorts of wedding desserts. Especially on the wedding cake, fondant is like a frosting. But bakers like to use it to smooth out the cake and make it look more uniform, and pristine. We like to use fondant here and decorations on cupcakes. As you can see here fondant can keep it is shape a lot better then frosting. We can mold it into anything, like flowers and ruffles. It can be blended into any colors, it can be airbrushed. We could put glitter on it, and we can put a little bit of dust on it to give a little dimension to a flower. Over here we have a little ruffled cupcake topper with a little rose and some pink dusted in the center to give it some dimension. Now this is just one on a cupcake but you can have these in multiple sizes and put them on a wedding cake here and there.

And over here we have hot pink cherry blossom, with a little bit of glitter dusted. In hot pink these look great on cupcakes, but a lot of brides love to sprinkle them all over the top of a wedding cake. These flowers can be made in any color, and any style they choose. This cupcake topper is more of a cover for the top of a cupcake. And we designed a little print that kind of mimics similar designs and ideas that are going on in the wedding. We also topped it with a little sugared dahlia that pretties it up a little bit. Another great way to use fondant is to use them as a monogram, it is a fun way to personalize your wedding. So these are just some ideas on how to use fondant as a wedding topping.