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    Choose Your Teams, Americans!


    by TheResident

    15 views - I'm told over and over again by our media and our politicians that there are two teams in this country, and I had better choose. I just can't do it. Both have good points, both have bad points, and neither can possibly encapsulate ANY one individual's belief system. We are unique mortals with unique minds, and we are being coerced into not using them so that the greedy controllers can continue to laugh at us all the way to the banks they've filled with our money. PEOPLE - once you've chosen a team, it's over for you. You will start to hear your team's rhetoric as truth and the other team's rhetoric as blasphemy, without using your brain to think for yourself. It's too late. You've chosen; you're officially programmed. We are a nation divided, and we are falling. In this week's video I choose Team Resident.