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    Mark Lex Eros - Οι Γερμανοί είναι φίλοι μας! (The Germans are our friends!)

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    Mark Lex Eros - "Οι Γερμανοί είναι φίλοι μας!" (The Germans are our friends!)

    Η περίφημη ατάκα του Δήμου Σταρένιου από την «επική» ταινία «Η Χαραυγή Της Νίκης» που έχει γίνει πολύ επίκαιρη τον τελευταίο καιρό ...

    The famous quip from the "epic" film "Dawn Of Victory" which has become very "popular" lately ...



    0:26 - "To the people of Crete"
    0:31 - You understand ...
    0:32 - You'll have new executions ...
    0:35 - You do not worry for your own people?
    0:37 - They (Germans) will burn the island!
    0:39 - Anyone who knows (about the Greek resistance partisans) must speak.
    0:42 - We must catch those traitors (partisans).
    0:44 - Germans love you! They came as friends!
    0:48 - Anyone who knows must speak!
    0:51 - Go ahead (speak).


    0:58 - Tell your friends:
    0:59 - Many times in the past, Crete was burned.
    1:02 - Many times we mourned on the ashes.
    1:05 - And even more times we gathered dead our lads from the ground.
    1:09 - But every time we raised up again.
    1:11 - And every time we build Crete, more beautiful, more stronger and more big!
    1:14 - Even if they (enemies) burnt the last stone on this island,
    1:18 - there's only one thing, they can not burn (destroy):
    1:20 - The soul of Crete..


    1:26 - FIRE

    Mark Lex Eros