Green Ranger Growth

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I think the Power Rangers should always have the ability to grow, myself... Anyways yes. I apologies about the kinda crappy quality. As the only way i could get it off of Netflix is screen recording, and my audio card crapped out and my temp card is crap at stereo mix recording, so audio is rubbish too. I'll keep a look out for this episode and DVR it and get a much better quality one up soon. Anways, Power Ranger Growths where the rangers actually grow are one of my favs for growth. As far as a i know this is the 3rd time where i ranger as grown. Other times would be when the evil green ranger grew in the old Mighty Morphin' series, and the other time when all the rangers grew in the last episode of Zeo. Was happy to find this! Hopefully more growths in the series will come!

Show: Power Rangers Samurai
Episode: Broken Dreams