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    Hu Jintao: "Hostile International Forces" Trying to Split China


    by NTDTelevision

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    The head of China's Communist Party Hu Jintao has accused so-called "international forces" of trying to Westernize and split China using culture. Hu's comment was published recently in a Communist Party magazine and comes as the Party is stepping up controls on popular culture.

    Chinese leader Hu Jintao warned Party officials that international forces are trying to Westernize and divide the country through infiltrating the cultural field. The Chinese Communist Party journal, titled "Seeking Truth" recently published a section of Hu's speech to Party officials in October. In it Hu states:

    "We must clearly see, hostile international forces are currently intensifying their efforts in conspiring to Westernize and split [China], the main area they have infiltrated over the long term is the cultural field."

    In the speech, Hu calls on the Party to do everything they can to implement China's socialist culture in all areas of society.

    The end of 2011 saw the Party step up controls on Western-style entertainment shows on Chinese satellite television. The number of entertainment shows allowed to run was reduced by 70 percent. Chinese leaders have said that more books, films and other products should be created to extend China's influence abroad. The state-sponsored movie, "Beginning of the Great Revival," was released last year to mark the Communist Party's 90th anniversary.

    It's part of the Chinese Communist Party's wider campaign to reinforce socialist principles, while Chinese citizens are calling for values such as freedom of expression and democracy. Last year's 'Arab Spring' protests led to a tightening of Internet controls and multiple arrests as Chinese citizens called for similar revolutions in China.