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    Chinese Regime Stops Protest over Japanese Visit to Diaoyu Islands


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Chinese regime is stopping activists from protesting a Japanese visit to a group of islands claimed by both Japan and China. On Wednesday, police vans patrolled the road in front of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing.

    On Wednesday, the Chinese regime tightened up security outside the Japanese Embassy in Beijing.

    Police placed a security barrier around the embassy. That was to stop activists from protesting against a visit by Japanese officials to the disputed islands—known as Senkaku in Japan or Diaoyu in China.

    Chinese police detained an activist who was reading a petition letter and trying to unfold an anti-Japanese banner.

    At least three other activists were stopped from entering the barricaded area and were detained later.

    On Tuesday, the Chinese regime lodged a protest with Japan after four Japanese landed on one of the disputed islands, according to a Japanese Coast Guard official.

    China and Japan have competing territorial claims on the disputed islands.

    Sino-Japanese relations deteriorated by the end of 2010 when Japanese authorities detained a Chinese fishing boat captain near the disputed islands. In 2008, the Chinese regime and Japan agreed in principle to jointly develop gas fields near the islands, but progress has been slow and Japan has accused China of drilling for gas in violation of the deal.