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    Chaz Bono saving up for gender reassignment surgery

    207 流覽量 After undergoing gender reassignment surgery, Cher's daughter Chastity Bono became Chaz Bono. Chaz received hormone therapy and a double mastectomy but still hasn't had any "bottom half" work done. In addition to being an LGBT activist, Chaz Bono is best known for appearing on Dancing With the Stars. His performance did not impress the judges, who compared him to "a little penguin" when he did the Tango. Recently Chaz revealed that he is thinking of doing "the full monty." Talking to Howard Stern, Bono said he is saving up for a full sex change in Belgrade. Chaz says he has found a doctor there who performs a procedure known as metoidioplasty to create a "functional" appendage. After getting his new wiener, Chaz says he's looking forward to peeing standing up and, ahem, "to penetrate and have feeling."