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    Shen Yun Hosts Leeshai Lemish and Kelly Wen Talk to Ben Hedges


    by NTDTelevision

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    And yesterday, NTD reporter Ben Hedges sat down with the hosts of Shen Yun Performing Arts. Their classical Chinese dance and music performance is coming up later this month in New York--a show for which NTD is a media sponsor. Here's more from Ben Hedges.

    [Ben Hedges, NTD News]:
    "Well, I'm here in the studio with Leeshai Lemish and Kelly Wen from Shen Yun Performing Arts, they are the hosts for the North American leg of the tour. First of all thank you very much for being here in the studio with us today."

    [Kelly Wen, Shen Yun Host]:
    "Thanks for having us."

    [Leeshai Lemish, Shen Yun Host]:
    "Thank You."

    [Ben Hedges, NTD News]:
    "Now, Leeshai, could you just, for our audiences at home, who might not be so familiar with Shen Yun, could you give us a little introduction, what is Shen Yun?"

    [Leeshai Lemish, Shen Yun Host]:
    "Well Shen Yun is really a celebration of 5000 years of Chinese civilization, the audience is taken on a journey through different legends and stories, and fairy tales, and regions, it's really about bringing back an ancient culture to life. And, this is done through classical Chinese dance, through music, we have an orchestra that combines both classical Western and Chinese instruments, gorgeous costumes and a digital backdrop that is projected behind the stage extending it and transporting the audience to a different time and space."

    [Ben Hedges, NTD News]:
    "So Leeshai, I'm going to test your Chinese now, could you just tell us, what does the name Shen Yun mean?"

    [Leeshai Lemish, Shen Yun Host]:
    "Well, Shen Yun is a pretty deep term that is pretty hard to translate, I would say it roughly translates as the beauty of divine beings dancing."

    [Kelly Wen, Shen Yun Host]:
    "That's perfect!"