Gao Zhisheng's Family Reacts to News of His Imprisonment


by NTDTelevision

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As we reported earlier, the family of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng were finally notified of his location on Sunday, after he had been missing for over a year and a half. Gao has been imprisoned in a remote area of western China. Now his wife speaks out about his situation.

Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng's family and friends were shocked and relieved to finally hear news of his whereabouts on Sunday. Gao had been missing for 20 months.

On December 16, state media announced Gao had been sentenced to three years in prison. On New Year's Day, Gao's brother, Gao Yi, received official notice that Gao was in the Xinjiang Shaya prison in a remote area of the Uygur Autonomous Region in western China. Gao Yi is very eager to visit his brother in prison, but he estimated it would take at least ten days to travel there.

Gao's wife, Geng He was concerned when she heard the news.

[Geng He, Gao Zhisheng's Wife]:
"He is locked up in that place where there is no transportation. Also, the prisoners are all ethnic minorities. The CCP regime must also have ulterior motives, if it really imprisons Gao Zhisheng there. They want to put him in that isolated area and cut him off. Basically he is being exiled in a place where he could be gradually forgotten. So we all have to pay close attention to his plight. And it is not easy for his family to visit him."

Human rights activist, Hu Jia promised to continue supporting his friend while he was in prison.

[Hu Jia, Chinese Activist]
"I think I am right and I can speak with great confidence. The authorities are not following the law. So all the requests they bring up are illegal. I am a free citizen. It is right and proper for me to help people, especially those who are treated unjustly or being suppressed. It is my right to do that, and it is also my moral obligation."