Digital Skin 2 (annotative)

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avi rosen
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The Cyberspace is an extension of the human foot, eye and the skin. The electronic gadgets and the data sphere are Galactic immediate Torus like extension of the human central nervous system, and the stage of 'Digital Skin' performance. It creates virtual extension of Marcel Duchamp's unfinished "Big Glass" piece, his voice (manipulated by the speed of light)on the video explains it. The transparent Cyberbody (digital mummy) is located eternally in cyberspace superposition. The departure and arrival are compressed to a singularity(Paul Virilio), on the digital skin's surface. 'Digital Skin 2' video sequence is bricolage of my endless virtual voyages ( 'Digital Skin' is another example of such trajectory) in cyberspace, superimposing personal data on public data base (Goggle Earth and Sky). My body digital data strips, merged with the Earth and cosmos digital data strips produced by the satellites and telescopes. The digitalization of the universe and our body transformed it to a flat image displayed on the computer monitor ('Digital Skin').The digital video sequences are the MEME for further construction \deconstruction of cyber audiovisual mutual memory and universal knowledge. The real world turned into digital data, transferred to communication networks, that is, cyberspace. The new arrangement transformed the traveling experiment and its results drastically. The traveler (Cyber Flâneur), and the terrain, abandoned their real, slow surroundings in favor of new, fast digital space containing numerous fast trajectories. These trajectories written and distributed electronically at the speed of light, and within seconds reach any surfer worldwide. This activity equalized the speed of the Cyber Flâneur and the Cyberspace . The cyberspace is monitored by search engines such as Google Earth and Sky, involving hundreds of thousands of computers servers that store in their memories the addresses of around ten billion WWW pages of Global and Galactic data. Connecting to the cyberspace by a central hub that links all the references in the network, for example, GPS, Google and cell phone, resemble reading information stored at the event horizon of a black hole by connecting its singularity. Every Cyber Flâneur connected to the cyberspace "downloads" the data stored in its singularity. The act of reading the map from the network simulates the cyberspace information wave function collapsing by means of the reader's submitted trajectory. The data that was in a state of superposition throughout the network, or in Roland Barthes' definition "multi-dimensional space in which many and varied writings are combined and meet, and none are foremost" becomes a single peak wave function that appears on the Cyber Flâneur's display or part of his expanded digital skin. Festivals: a30th Festival International Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier. 24 Oct.-2 Nov. 2008. 13rd Canariasmediafest- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 28th October - 1st November 2008. VIDEOHOLICA 2008 August 2008 Bulgaria. Visions in the Nunnery, Bow Arts Trust. The Nunnery Gallery London 07-15.06.08. CyBorg Film Festival , 4-8 June 2008 Anghiari (ar) Italy