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    Best Bargain Review - 3M MP225 Mobile Projector For ...


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    Best Bargain Review - 3M MP225 Mobile Projector For iPhone iPad and iPod

    Video and Photos:

    Select software will display photos in slideshow mode. Non-copyright protected video, office documents, PDFs and presentations will display in play mode. Compatibility, or what the user will see projected, can vary by device type and what format the device manufacture outputs video.

    * Photos will not display on the mobile projector in photo browse mode.
    ** Select applications may not support video output to the mobile projector. Check with individual application developer for more information.

    Suggested Accessories:

    3M VGA Cable, white (VC05W)

    Portable Screen (PS05B)

    Product Description
    The 3M Mobile Projector allows big screen viewing of your content from Apple devices through the 3M Video Cable (included). Or pair it with a 3M VGA Cable (sold separately) and it does the same thing from your laptop. Project and share in a big way anywhere. Just connect, and then project. The 10" to 80" adjustable screen size makes it ideal for all situations. The 2 hour battery life means you can watch an entire movie. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to use. Have even more fun with your Apple iOS devices. Watch episodes of Mad Men with coworkers. Instantly share vacation photos with friends. Stream Netflix movies with the kids. Hook it up to just about any computer or laptop with a 3M VGA Cable (sold separately). You can mirror your display or even use the projector as a secondary display. Play Angry Birds on the ceiling (or T-shirt or notebook). 3M VGA Cable and Apple VGA Adapter cables required.