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    ATS RECAP 07 - Mosquito Seal Radiation Massacre


    by AboveNetwork

    ATS Recap welcomes you into 2012 with Genetically Engineered Mosquito's being released for the first time in the United States.  Scientists now believe that the Tsunami that crippled the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan last year is the direct cause of Seals washing up on Alaska's Arctic coastline.  Muslim father AZIZ Yazdanpanah kills his entire family after dressing up as Santa claus, all because his life falling apart.  What would happen to you if you lost control of your life?  U.S. jets flying into Mexico, white blimps hovering above the border and U.S. Special Op's being seen going over the border meeting with mexican military in hopes of capturing a cartel leader.  Welcome to 2012 and enjoy the show!