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    Parenting: Baby Bath Safety Tips

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Parenting: Bath Time Safety - as part of the parenting series by GeoBeats.

    First of all let us make sure that the water temperature is not too hot. We do not want to go beyond a hundred and twenty degrees. There are thermometers you can put inside the water which kind of gives you a color code as to the temperature of the water. You can get from various stores baby tubs and you also get a baby mat, like a firm surface on which you can place the baby. Always make sure that the water is warm not cold or not too hot and under the supervision of two people. One can bathe the baby from the top, go all the way down, be gentle. Be very careful as for young baby girls or baby boys because of genital reasons because soap can be an irritant over there.

    Also be sure that the shampoo does not go in their eyes. It can cause burning in the eyes so be careful that way. And the next important thing is once the bathing is done make sure you dry the baby up really fast because they tend to lose a lot of heat in the process. Especially the head, which has a large surface area in relation to the baby’s body so make sure that you cover the baby’s head well. You can bathe them frequently but make sure that after you bathe the baby you put a good amount of moisturizer so that the water stays trapped on the skin otherwise daily bathing a child can actually cause its skin to go dry. So those are a few precautions I would take with bathing a baby.