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    Asian Americans lose as California schools pursue Chinese students

    114 流覽量 Funding for University of California schools has been slashed in recent years, and UC schools are looking to students to make up the difference. This means cutting spots reserved for Californian students in favor of out-of-state or international students, who pay full tuition. UC San Diego, for example, will be accepting 500 fewer in-state students this year. Some of these slots will be filled by students from China. The number of Chinese students at UCSD increased 12-fold from 2009 to 2011 to almost 200, while the number of Asian-American Californians enrolled fell 29 percent to 1,230. UC San Diego tuition is $13,234 for California residents and $22,878 for non-residents. Although an American education is expensive, students return to China with a prestigious degree and a broadened outlook. American universities, in turn, get a welcome injection in funds. The only losers are in-state students.