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Best Bargain Review - Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB Unlocked Phone

The Galaxy Nexus is an awesome device with a stunning display. Despite many other reviews online, ICS (the new version of Android launching with this device) is pretty easy to navigate/figure out. It does have a learning curve (even for die-hard long-time Android users), but much of the OS has been made more intuitive- one just has to step back and quit over-thinking what you are trying to do (or remembering previously complicated menus for those of us that have been around Android for a while), as (generally) everything you need is right there on the screen (unless you can't do it).

My only two complaints are:
1.) Many apps still have not been updated to play nicely with ICS by their developers (but this will change when Verizon launches the device and ICS becomes more prevalent), and
2.) The price. This phone is expensive, and while completely worth it for power-users such as myself, many people will struggle with this. The main reason for expense right now is the fact that it must be imported to the US from the UK (and soon Japan/Germany/elsewhere?), so there are fees and shipping associated with that. Also, once the device does officially launch here in the US, Verizon (and other carriers hopefully) will subsidize it and bring the price down a bit).