"The Case For Life After Death" By Professor Peter Kreeft

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"The case for life after death", written by Professor Peter Kreeft. I hope you enjoy! A detailed scientific and religious view of the mystery of what happens when we die.


To help you understand just how timeless an eternity is and why it is such an important factor in turning the possibility of life after death into a probability, if not a guarantee, you must first develop a clear picture of what eternity (or a timeless reality) is. A quadrillion years to the quadrillionth power is but an almost invisible blip in an eternity. Our short lives are but a blip within a blip of a blip. Are we to believe that we exist only once? We simply can't dismiss the odds that highly favor repeated existences in what may be a mechanical universe.

The universe may not be mechanical, but to satisfy atheists, let's examine life after death using only the mechanical model. Reality's energy is eternal (1st law). The ingredients that made this existence possible are always somewhere within reality. Since no mechanical force can limit us to only one existence in all eternity, countless previous and future existences is a much more likely scenario.
By Freethinker51 last year
There is no proof of life after death beyond the realization that reality is eternal, which guarantees that ever-changing events within reality are also eternal. The 1st law of thermodynamics explains this.

An essential energy gives us the ability to experience. This energy along with all of our energy existed before we were born and is dispersed when we die. It always remains in existence. Where our essence goes from here and what information it takes with it is unknown. It isn't necessarily under the control of an intelligent nature or confined to this universe. Our universe may be but a fraction of a greater reality.

In other words, the ingredients that made this existence possible are always in existence. We may have had countless similar experiences and may have countless more anywhere within reality. An intelligent nature can control our existences and our essential energy. A mechanical nature can't. Either way, the odds highly favor life after death in one form or another.
By Freethinker51 last year