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    Silent Sound Mind Control Explained Parts 1 & 2: Live Hypnotists or Pre-Recorded Brainwaves

    Jeff Scott

    by Jeff Scott

    Silent Sound subliminal Mind Control - how it works explained in simple and no uncertain terms. Developed in conjunction with MKULTRA experimentation.

    Part 1 introduces the principles that Silent Sound uses, and covers application of this mind control technology by a live hypnotist.

    Part 2 covers use of Pre-Recorded Brainwaves to do the mind control, instead of a live hypnotist's voice. Also covers application of the technology via the signal piggybacked on TV, radio, cell phones, satellites.

    Discusses the use of US Patent 5356368, Method of and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness with Silent Sound, US Patent 5159703.

    Frequency Following Response, or FFR, is used to take pre-recorded brainwaves of specific levels of consciousness and transmit them into the brain of an unsuspecting human via microwave transmission.

    This can be applied to humans via TV, radio, Satellite or other broadcast means.

    I just turned this channel on today, I've got more vids coming.