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Top 10 Myths About India

6 years ago213 views


Geo Beats

Top 10 Myths About India - as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

Myth #10 - India is stereotyped as a country of snake charmers and call centers. However, India today is an emerging global power.

Myth #9 - India's climate is very hot. Not everywhere - many parts have moderate temperature.

Myth #8 - All Indian food is spicy. In reality, there's a wide range of cuisine with varied level of spices.

Myth #7 - There are only temples and forts to see. India also has great beaches and dynamic urban life.

Myth #6 - All women in India wear sarees. It's inaccurate as many younger women wear western clothing.

Myth #5 - Everyone knows yoga. While it is popular, many other health and fitness regimes are practiced as well.

Myth #4 - It is hard to find non-Indian food. Except for in rural areas, you can find all kinds of non-Indian cuisines.

Myth #3 - Everyone speaks Hindi. While Hindi is a national language, hundreds of other languages are spoken across India.

Myth #2 - It is difficult to travel in India. Road travel can be cumbersome but air travel is easier due to many domestic airlines.

Myth #1 - Everyone says 'namaste' by pressing hands together. These days, most people say hello or namaste without pressing hands.