How to get a Free iPhone 4, iPods, Xbox 360 Slim, PS3, Wii + Proof 2012

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Get yours at:
Or just choose the gift you want at:

Step 1: Sign Up with legitimate information.

Step 2: Complete just one advertiser offer.I recommend the Intuit offer. Wait until your account "Goes Green" then cancel.
You need a credit card though... Nothing will be charged if you cancel before the trial ends

Step 3: Get your referrals by inviting your friends, and family and anyone you can

Step 4: Get your free stuff

This site offers the following gifts, including a custom order:
16gb iPhone4,32gb iPhone4,32gb iPhone 3GS,16gb iPhone 3GS,PS3, Xbox, iPods, Mac Airs; TVs, ...
$580 Cash, $490 Cash
$599 Apple Card
and custom orders
They offer the money option, which is great if you're not really looking to get a free iPhone4.

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