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    The Golden Compass 2007 JPN Trailer Chris Weitz


    MorinoMashio より

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    I was surprised when I saw this movie with my daughter.
    This is because I has noticed that it is the work based on the quantum theory.
    The original was read confusedly.
    The reason the sequel of this movie was not manufactured was also found.
    Although Nietzsche says, "God died" and will leave no less than 100 years, the world is brandished as usual at religion.
    I said to mydaughter , when she was 6 years old.
    Although "God is modeled on itselves and it is said that it made man", I am supporting the view of "man having imitated himself and having made God."
    The role of God was finished for human beings in the 19th century.
    For the tens of thousands years till then, religion had played the important role which summarizes human beings.
    However, the 21st century will come and I am coming that the religious role has greeted the end at the time to recognize.

    -Japanese-娘と劇場でこの映画を観たときに、僕は驚きました。これは量子論(the quantum theory)をベースにした作品だということに気付いたからです。慌てて原作を読みました。この映画の続編が製作されない理由も判りました。ニーチェ(Nietzsche)が「神は死んだ」と言って100年もたつのに、相変わらず世界は宗教に振り回されています。

    Directed by Chris Weitz
    Produced by Deborah Forte
    Bill Carraro
    Nikolas Korda
    Robert Shaye
    Michael Lynne
    Mark Ordesky
    Toby Emmerich
    Ileen Maisel
    Paul Weitz
    Andrew Miano
    Screenplay by Chris Weitz
    Based on Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
    Jim Carter
    Tom Courtenay
    Daniel Craig
    Sam Elliott
    Eva Green
    Freddie Highmore
    Nicole Kidman
    Ian McKellen
    Ian McShane
    Dakota Blue Richards
    Music by Alexandre Desplat
    Cinematography Henry Braham
    Editing by
    Anne V. Coates
    Peter Honess, Kevin Tent