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    911 Revisited • Were Explosives Used


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    I learnt from Nallini, a schoolgirl physics buff, that ‘Free-fall’ is a term applied to a falling object influenced by the earth’s gravity and that gravity, in absence of upward resistance, produces a downward acceleration of 32 feet per second and thereafter the object accelerates downwards by 32 feet every subsequent second until it hits ground.

    She simplified that an object free-falls at 32 feet per second in the 1st second, 64 feet per second in the 2nd second, 96 feet per second in the 3rd second, 118 feet per second in the 4th second, and so on.

    The schoolgirl physics buff said that the basic physics equation for Free-fall Speed or Time is [2 x Distance (Height) ÷ Gravity x Time²].

    Due to the character limit, the article is continued here :-

    Words – Tommy Peters

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